Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA)

PacketWatch ESA

Measuring Your Security Posture

How do you know if your cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls are protecting your organization?

An Enterprise Security Assessment will give you a holistic view of your IT and Security environments. Combining multiple assessment methodologies, our cybersecurity experts will show you:

  • Where your defenses are strong
  • Where you have gaps
  • A roadmap for improvement
ESA Assessment Components | PacketWatch


  • Determines if your current security defenses are protecting your organization
  • Scores controls, practices, and procedures using a security framework for your industry
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and tests them to see if your controls mitigate the risk
  • Scours your network for advanced persistent threats and anomalous behaviors
  • Monitors your network for a complete business cycle to uncover abnormal activities

Accurate, Comprehensive

How your organization mitigates risk and complies with regulations is unique to your industry and environment.

The PacketWatch team combines our proprietary technologies with proven processes and years of real-world experience to assess your infrastructure, applications, policies, procedures, threats, and vulnerabilities.

What to Expect

We’ll uncover risks that other tools and teams may have missed. This assessment’s holistic and comprehensive nature is what makes it a powerful tool for IT, security, and business executives.

Our experts will show your team everything that we find and how they can avoid, accept, mitigate, or transfer the risk. We’ll also deliver a formal report and an executive presentation.

Enterprise Security Assessment | PacketWatch

Your Risk

The purpose of an Enterprise Security Assessment is to give you an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your organization’s security and risk posture. Through this process, we’ll analyze your threat landscape, look at internal and external vulnerabilities, monitor your network, and scan threat intelligence and Dark Web data to look at your organization from an adversary’s perspective. Within a month, you’ll know more about your network than you thought possible.

Uncover Malicious Activity

Uncover Risks That Others May Miss

“I found the PacketWatch personnel to operate at the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, and efficiency.”

Steps and Timeline

PacketWatch ESA Methodology


The PacketWatch ESA compiles a variety of cybersecurity perspectives, including direct observations, interviews, controls evaluations, scans, and a comparison to the most appropriate security framework. The assessment collects network data over a complete business cycle to capture any persistent network activities and anomalies that may occur sporadically over time.


This comprehensive evaluation of your network, endpoints, servers, email, cloud services, identity management, web applications, storage, backups, and power management will look at configurations, best practices, warranty status, security posture, maturity, resiliency, and survivability. Our experts will analyze your threat landscape and assess your policies, procedures, and controls.


The assessment uses our PacketWatch platform along with proven industry-standard scanning, penetration testing, and endpoint detection and response tools to collect and analyze your data. The proprietary toolset uses packet-level data to uncover malicious activity, expose misconfigured devices, identify vulnerable assets, reveal policy violations, and detect persistent anomalous events.

Battle-Hardened Security Professionals

Battle-hardened Security Professionals

The Human Element

We believe there is a human element in every cybersecurity project. Our experts will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team showing them what we find, how we found it, and how they can strengthen their defenses to prevent the threat in the future. Our experts take the time to ensure that your team thoroughly understands how improving their security controls, procedures, and policies will improve your overall security and risk posture.

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