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Threat Intelligence Research

Read our latest threat intelligence, produced by our team of battle-hardened analysts and research team.

Threat Hunting

5 min read

Why You Need to Start Threat Hunting Within Your Network

Written by Andrew Oesterheld and Todd Welfelt

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initial access broker tactics cybersecurity network security monitoring

10 min read

How PacketWatch Network Monitoring Foiled an Initial Access Broker

On January 1, 2024, the PacketWatch team prevented a cyberattack by detecting early signs of malicious activity in a client's network. We uncovered...

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dalle image generated cybersecurity python poshc2 Russian doll

5 min read

Python PoshC2: Analysis of an IP Indicator of Compromise (IOC)

PacketWatch recently analyzed an open directory based on a tweet from Germán Fernández showing an IP that was hosting malicious files and code.

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