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Your partner in cybersecurity


We detect and eliminate security risks others may miss by leveraging our proprietary platform, battle-hardened team, and active defense approach.


Experiencing a breach?

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We detect and eliminate security risks others may miss.

If your current security provider waits on alerts to notify them of attacks, it's too late.

We respond to hundreds of complex breaches each year. We’re a team of experienced investigators and threat hunters with deep law enforcement, national security, military, and large enterprise backgrounds.

We’re successful because we develop and use proprietary tools that give us a different vantage point of your network. We also use an Active Defense approach to improve our visibility of your adversaries.

Simply, we see, hunt, and eradicate things others can’t.

Managed Detection and Response

PacketWatch MDR is an expert threat hunting service that leverages our proprietary PacketWatch platform alongside battle-hardened threat hunters and analysts.

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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Our Incident Response service includes direct access to our security experts, digital forensic investigation, and recovery services.

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Enterprise Security Assessment

Our ESA will give you a holistic view of your IT and Security environments. Our cybersecurity assessment and compliance experts will validate your organization's risk and security posture.

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Active Security Services

When you need to test your organization's team, controls, applications, or processes, our experts will build custom scenarios based on real-world adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

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Advisory Services

PacketWatch can help improve your overall security posture with assessments, plans, policies, governance, and training that is tailor-made for your organization, industry, and regulatory requirements.

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M&A Cyber Due Diligence

PacketWatch M&A is a comprehensive set of cybersecurity services for buyers and sellers delivered in a cost-effective and progressive 7-step due diligence approach.

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Active Defense Approach

Most Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) utilize a reactive model. PacketWatch subscribes to an Active Defense Approach that is proactive, focused on human-led threat hunting and total network visibility with full packet capture.


Total Network Visibility

We see everything on your network in a way that you've never seen before. This unique vantage point improves our situational awareness and allows us to study changes and activity on your network over time.


Expert Threat Hunting + Investigation

Our team will find the persistent threats lurking in your network. We’ll also use an Active Defense approach with threat hunting, investigative services, and digital forensics to identify adversaries before they trigger alerts at your perimeter.


Global Threat Intelligence

Comparing the anomalous activity on your network with public, private, and government intelligence sources helps us triage, correlate and investigate potential threats quickly. We’ll know the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) your attacker will likely try to execute.


Full Packet Capture

Full Packet Capture is what makes it all work. We capture everything that is happening on your network. Then we add metadata and index it to make it faster, more efficient, and easier to find.


Network Traffic Replay

It’s like a DVR for your network traffic. We’ll go back and see the conversations between IP addresses on your network.  If something malicious happens on your network, we’ll “rewind” and show you.


Machine Learning

We use algorithms to look for patterns and trends in your network data and then alert an analyst to act. This technology helps improve our efficiency and allows our analysts to focus their efforts on anomalies.

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Powered by the PacketWatch Platform

PacketWatch Managed Detection and Response is an expert threat hunting service delivered with our proprietary, on-premises PacketWatchTM network monitoring, analysis, and investigation platform.

The platform incorporates full-packet-capture network monitoring, multiple intrusion detection systems (IDS), several threat intelligence feeds, big data analytics, high-speed search, and robust machine learning to detect known and unknown threats and provide total network visibility.


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