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Sheri Garver

Sheri Garver has nearly two decades of professional accreditation and compliance background. She is the Senior Advisor of Regulatory Compliance for PacketWatch, a premier cybersecurity firm in Scottsdale, Arizona.

vendor management supply chain attack cybersecurity

3 min read

The Weak Link in Your Network Might Lie with Your Vendors

Optimizing operational performance is a key ingredient for organizations to produce quality products and/or deliver excellent service and generate profits.

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patient data security trends 2024 hipaa

4 min read

Patient Data Security Trends for 2024

This month, I wanted to cover trends like Artificial Intelligence, Business Associates, IoT, and Social Engineering that directly affect healthcare...

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ransomware impact on healthcare companies

2 min read

Ransomware's Impact on Healthcare: Incident Response Plans are Critical

Unfortunately, healthcare organizations are more likely to pay a ransom because their records are essential for patient care, making them a prime...

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hipaa cybersecurity myths

1 min read

Four HIPAA Myths

This week Sheri Garver, Senior Advisor of Regulatory Compliance at PacketWatch, shares four Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...

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