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About PacketWatch

PacketWatchTM a is family of assessment and managed security services based on a proprietary network monitoring, analysis and investigation platform designed to help cybersecurity threat hunters quickly and efficiently accomplish their daily tasks. The security platform and accompanying managed services are designed to be affordable and will add immediate value to organizations of any size. Primarily targeted toward cybersecurity teams in medium-sized companies as a full-service Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, PacketWatch is architected to accommodate the demanding requirements of an enterprise threat hunting team, as well.

PacketWatch Enterprise scales the architecture to enterprise workloads and allows internal teams to access the platform as desired without having to learn and manage yet another security tool. The internal teams can rely on the PacketWatch threat hunting experts to seamlessly integrate with their processes to speed response to any identified issues.

PacketWatch is designed and developed in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

“PacketWatch quickly identifies serious threats with the potential to disrupt our systems. The experts and analysts assigned to our company know our networks as well as we do and help us stay ahead of emerging threats. The result is our systems are better defended and we can act more quickly to resolve issues as they arise.”

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Leadership Team

Chuck Matthews | Chief Executive Officer
Chuck Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Williams | Chief Financial Officer
Gary Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Taylor | Executive Vice President
Simon Taylor

Executive Vice President

Michael McAndrews | Director, Network Security Services
Michael McAndrews

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Krueger | PacketWatch
Chris Krueger

Vice President

John Bornt | PacketWatch
John Bornt

Cyber Operations

Todd McCullough | PacketWatch
Todd McCullough

IT Operations