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About PacketWatch

The PacketWatch team detects and eliminates security risks that others may miss. Our senior cybersecurity experts work directly with our clients to establish an Active Defense with packet-level data and actionable threat intelligence to extend network visibility beyond a traditional perimeter. With daily threat hunting and exceptional collaboration, we help enterprise and midsized clients understand their adversaries and campaign tactics better than they ever imagined. PacketWatch incident response services are endorsed by prominent law firms, private equity groups, and cybersecurity companies nationally. While the right tools are essential, we believe that people ultimately respond to incidents, remediate security gaps, and restore confidence in an organization’s cybersecurity defenses. Get immediate help with an incident by calling 1-800-864-4667 or requesting assistance online

PacketWatch is designed and developed in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

“PacketWatch quickly identifies serious threats with the potential to disrupt our systems. The experts and analysts assigned to our company know our networks as well as we do and help us stay ahead of emerging threats. The result is our systems are better defended and we can act more quickly to resolve issues as they arise.”

Vice President, Information System
National Real Estate Developer and Property Manager

Leadership Team

Chuck Matthews | Chief Executive Officer
Chuck Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Williams | Chief Financial Officer
Gary Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Taylor | Executive Vice President
Simon Taylor

Executive Vice President

Michael McAndrews | Director, Network Security Services
Michael McAndrews

Chief Technology and Security Officer

Chris Krueger | PacketWatch
Chris Krueger

Vice President

Jeff Beall | Vice President, Business Development
Jeff Beall

Vice President
Business Development

John Bornt | PacketWatch
John Bornt

Cyber Operations

Todd McCullough | PacketWatch
Todd McCullough

IT Operations