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PacketWatch Cybersecurity Expertise used in Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Story

May 9, 2021News

Investigative journalist Rich McHugh included PacketWatch’s cybersecurity expertise in his latest NewsNation Now story on the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

In the video, Michael McAndrews, PacketWatch CTO, discusses:

  • The impact of malware and ransomware on organizations
  • How we never encourage paying a ransom
  • How planning will help you get ahead of the game
  • The importance of an Incident Response Plan

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack has disrupted the gas and diesel supply throughout the southeast, creating a frenzy at the pumps and potentially raising the prices of goods and services reliant on fuel for transportation.

You can view the entire 3-minute story “Top US pipeline operator shuts major fuel line after cyber attack“ with contributions from Stephanie Kelly and Christopher Bing on the NewsNation website.

“Ransomware and malware, in general, is a huge problem for companies right now. It puts jobs at risk. It puts livelihoods at risk. It costs companies millions of dollars.”

Michael McAndrews Chief Technology Officer PacketWatch