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December 30, 2022News

So Where Did the Leak Come From?

PacketWatch CEO Chuck Matthews collaborated with Jeffrey Dennis, a privacy and data security expert from the law firm Buchalter, to write an article that explains why it is more important than ever to address data security in detail from the start of new vendor relationships.

The article described a recent client case where sensitive information was leaked to a dark website, but no data breach was found. A vendor was likely the target of a  cyberattack, but they refused to cooperate.

The article shares several components that should be included in a vendor agreement data security addendum. These representations, warranties, and covenants could have prevented many of the headaches the client experienced.

If you would like to learn how to protect your organization from a similar fate, read “So Where Did the Leak Come From? Settle Key Data Protection Issues With Vendors Before a Crisis” on or (requires registration for a free account).

If you need assistance with any of the recommendations in the article, please contact us for assistance.

“Common sense provisions should be ironed out when starting a relationship with a vendor, not in the midst of crisis.”