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PacketWatch Featured in an Investigative Story on Ransomware Now Streaming on NewsNation

March 24, 2021News

Emmy-Award-winning investigative journalist Rich McHugh sat down with PacketWatch CTO Michael McAndrews to better understand how and why cyber criminals target their victims.

They discussed the impact of malware and ransomware on companies and how to prepare for a cyberattack. Michael demonstrated how PacketWatch cybersecurity analysts use our proprietary tools to identify anomalous network activities and respond to a cyber incident.

Rich also spoke with a PacketWatch client about her experience with ransomware attacks and how organizations can protect themselves.

You can view the entire 6-minute story “Cyberattack Forces Arizona City Offline for Weeks, Experts Warn of Growing Trend“ hosted by Rob Nelson and Marni Hughes on the NewsNation website.

“Sometimes, the criminals don’t even know who they’ve attacked. They’re simply casting a wide net and opportunity knocked when somebody clicked on a link or went to a bad website and got swept up in ransomware.”

Michael McAndrews Chief Technology Officer PacketWatch